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Dear Families and Neighbors,

    We are a private, family owned, art and play based preschool, located in central Alameda at 1510 Encinal Avenue. We seek to accept a diverse population of preschool children ranging in ages from two to five within the limits of our facility, regardless of race, gender or religious background. We are licensed for sixty six children a day and have eight full time teachers on our staff. We are a year round school; open Monday through Friday from 7:00-6:00, with the exception of major holidays and a spring and winter break. We offer full time and part time schedules. Prior to admission, parents are given a tour of the facility and information regarding our program and policies. This time also gives parents an opportunity to meet our teachers and discuss the needs of their child.
     The children are exposed to a variety of subjects and activities including creative arts, music, science, literature, gardening etc. We also incorporate an emergent curriculum by observing the children’s curiosities and listening to their ideas. Our teacher’s are very experienced with a solid background in Early Childhood Development and years of hands on experience. We understand the importance of identifying children’s individual needs, which is essential in helping them develop socially, emotionally, creatively, cognitively and physically. We feel both parent involvement and open communication are key to the children’s success and allows for continuity of care. We look forward to sharing together in the learning and teaching experience.

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